Our Vision

We have an experienced, team of accredited professional who are highly qualified and competent in medical and social fraternity and brand new & independent facilities to make your recovery with us as beneficial and comfortable as possible with lodging, desired meals and freedom . We have only one goal at Miracle, to help people with addictions return to happy, productive, and healthy lives.
We stress that patients get a chance for realization of his actions, and damage done towards their career and family .They rehabilitate and rejuvenate themself for a new lifestyle with best quality living without any dependence on any substances under supervision of experienced recovered addicts, inmates and Counsellor.

Our Program

Our program is based on the total absistence of medicine in centre and widely popular 12 step module and is very famous world wide in the treatment of addiction. Looking at the authentic needs of people, our program is designed with professional and intensive care and is comprehensive to address and evaluate all areas of a person life. Our special endeavour is to focus on the role person play in society, by addressing and providing them tools and thereby helping them merge with their families and the society at large.The module that we follow combines the 12 step program and various psychiatric modules recognised, practised and remarkably successful for the treatment of addiction. It is all inclusive of therapy session, one to one counselling, self evaluation and group evaluation (feedback session), group therapy, family session and confrontation. The clients are introduced to self help groups and vocational therapy. This allows the clients to grow and improve in all the areas such as mental, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of their lives.

Our Structure

The program is all about structure, and in order to get life back, patient have to develop structure in his life. All the structure and rules that are set up by the program, it isn't just so that they can give you a hard time, it is a tool that enables you to begin to develop structure and obedience in their life. These are but simple rules that one follows and they are the easiest to defy. When you break these simple rules they lead you to break the bigger ones. If you can obey these simple basics rules, then you are on your way to recovery.
There are some very basic and simple rules that are followed: No telephones allowed, and no using the phone on the outside at all. Patients are to go to Meetings and come back at centre, no deviating from the route. There is no doubt that you are here because you were losing your life and putting all the near and dear ones in deep problem. You had the chance to quit but you never did. So spend your some time in centre with acceptance and open mind set . It also help in increasing the client's capacity to live independently.

Our Advice

Use the program as a tool to get where you want in life. Programs can't change anybody, but a good program will give you all the necessary tools available in order to change your life. Run your own program by using the program as an outline. And all your chores and duties, if you are assigned, do it with heart and don't complain do it to the best to your ability. This will help you get on track once you begin your new life outside and make you independent in your career When you u start again your professional occupation, you don’t have to be dependent on any one or hire anyone for any type of job and thus can save the cost and maintain the qualities. And, pray. Be thankful that you have be given another chance. You are blessed to be here.
If you live as per the structure ,there would be no chance of relapse and if you are unable to follow the structure guidelines then it is your indicator of losing the grip over addiction.

Services Offered

Counseling, Detoxification, Drug /Alcoholic Addiction Treatment, In Patient &Out Patient Counselling, Half Way Home, Customized Residential Rehabilitation, for Men, 12 steps Program. Daily meetings.Life long structure provided.

Our Techniques

We have some innovative and simple process towards recovery and give customized package to recover from dependency of all mood altering substances. We don’t use the isolation techniques of putting the already suffered man in Iron Cages which deprives the freedom without any recreational activities and fills a sense of guilt and desperation in them and they relapse within sometime after coming out. Neither we want to be a money making machine by putting them on medicines for indefinite period and presenting a positive view of recovery to their patients. The both Factors mentioned above is the root cause of low success rate of recovery . specially the medicines given to counter Alcohol or Drug is not the way we get people sober ,instead of depending on a street dealer we become dependent on these doctors to get our fix ,this is not treatment its enslavement .We stress on Helping Addicts to control their personality disorder. Addiction can be controlled and not cured. We help those who want to help themselves.

Our Approach

Our approach to this is different. We keep this patient in places called Half Way Home where they can interact in society like normal people and give them complete access. Faith and Trust are very important to these people which they have already lost in society. So we start sending them out for meetings and mock purchase alone for short time and if they relapse or intend to do so they may be put back for counselling and therapies. The reason of low percentage in recovery is due to the fact that they are ill-treated, abused and kept for long duration. Mostly these centres discharge them without realizing the fact that they may tempt to go for their substance.
The pain and resentment observed in the centre add to the woes. Our process starts with counselling them with our invented techniques by our team of professional to the extent that they are convinced and voluntary rolls in. We have detoxification done under the Doctors. Our Psychiatrist offer counselling & restoring mental health & dependence disorders besides Visiting Psychologist (Clinical), Nurse and experienced Counsellor. We consider them as sick person suffering from the disease and can be treated like other disease with customized quality services with respect and dignity


Most patients do show significant withdrawal symptoms on cessation of alcohol at the time of admission. In such cases, appropriate medications are given to control the withdrawal features. Depending on the duration of drinking and the period of abstinence, the medications are tapered off over a period time, which are usually ten to fifteen days. Once the withdrawal symptoms are controlled, the patient and relatives have a tendency to leave the treatment programme. Therefore, at this stage the patient and relative have to understand that detoxification is not ‘the’ treatment of alcoholism and all that detoxification does is to prepare the person to begin the recovery process.

Counseling can help you make sense of your life, resolve specific problems, help you to make decisions, help you deal with phobia, stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, addictions, abuse, bereavement, divorce or separation, conflict with others, relationships, and many other issues affecting emotional and mental well-being. The disease of addiction often affects the family as well as the client. Family involvement is a crucial part of the treatment program. The support services are available for families of client too.

Our Aim

  • • Provide a friendly and tensed free recovery and giving the best treatment as par with others.
  • • Treating each person with dignity and respect and with humanity.
  • • Providing care and guidance in a safe hygienic and supportive environment.
  • • Following the Twelve-Step philosophy from AA and NA.
  • • Using qualified professionals and customized treatment of substance dependency.

Half Way Home

The challenges associated with living in the “real world” are significant in early recovery. It takes very little to trigger the desire to use drugs or drink. The safe house (or often calls halfway house) provides a supportive environment that offers the recovering person a sense of security. While a family can be supportive, there it is nothing like the support one addict or alcoholic can provide to another in a such environment. This transitional, semi-supervised, communal living situation allows its inhabitants to work, socialize and resume their lives while practicing their newfound abstinence.

Guidelines Include:

  • • Complete abstinence from all intoxicants (random drug and alcohol test are given)
  • • Attending a minimum of four 12-step meetings( such as AA or NA ) per week.
  • • Participating in a weekly House group meeting.
  • • Weekly one-on-one counselling sessions with a counsellor.
  • • Sharing household responsibilities with the other inhabitants.
  • • Keeping a clean room and household.

3 months is the maximum and two month minimum is recommended time to live. It can be the ideal situation for those wanting extra assurance in beginning their lives again, substance-free.


To begin your treatment at Miracle Foundation (Garuda Recovery) you may email or call us and after which there will be a phone call between you, or a loved one, and our program director. All of our communications are confidential. We will ask you about your history of addiction, your demographic information, and your availability. You will be given information about our treatment programs and any addiction resources that may be of benefit to you. This phone call will help you to make the right decisions on what to do and we guide either on phone or in person without any monetary expectation.

Acceptance Criteria

  • • Adult Men and women between ages 18-65, adult program:
  • • Complete medical detoxification prior to admittance
  • • You should be physically and mentally able to participate in daily activities. For any physical or mental disabilities, please inform us
  • • You must be willing to abide by our treatment program rules and regulations
  • • You must be willing to follow the treatment plan develop by our team of counsellors.
  • • Prescription medication should be stabilized and supervised by clients own MD.
  • • We advise most of our patients to send current medical records if possible. If you have any medical conditions, we must be notified and test will be done on requirement.

Costs & Terms Of Payment

Full payment of two month must be made and received by us prior to commencing the program in form of cash and cheque only. Cost of treatment would be told only after assessment and screening of the history of user. However there are two categories to provide customized service as per patient need & requirement. Before Amount paid once shall not be refunded. 4 months is the maximum and 3 month minimum is recommended time to live.
We have different category for patients depending on their requirement and needs. Since our aim is to provide the best and quality treatment to patients who has already suffered lot in his life. The treatment aims at providing customized package which includes programs & regular monitoring & one to one Counselling supervised by Recovered Addicts, doctors, experienced counsellor, nurse in respective areas.

  • The Treatment includes :
  • • Medical Check with Reports (Compulsory)
  • • Detoxification to flush out Toxins and to prevent withdrawal effect.
  • • Introduction of the AA/NA Fellowship and attending of four 12-step meetings (AA or NA) outside of our facilities per week .
  • • Individual & Group Therapies. Relaxation Training Recreation therapy.
  • • Family session after one month
  • • Exercise and meditation
  • • Single room, Three /Four Bed room and Six Bed room facilities with attached Bathroom ,TV and Hot water

Treatment of Teens & Adult Program

We know that teens and young adults are most open to change when treated in an environment of dignity and respect. Our structured, yet nurturing environment encourages personal growth and responsibility. We believe that openness, honesty, respect and responsibility are essential principles to instil in adolescents, which will guide them to better and healthier choices and actions by identifying underlying causes of adolescent addiction.

Adolescent Addiction

When habits or behaviors such as drinking, drug taking or gambling come to dominate daily life and people find themselves powerless to stop the chaos despite many promises to do so, then it is very likely that an addiction is active. Addictions can be formed to any activity or behavior which allows people to escape from life and its problems and includes shopping or spending, sexual activities, gambling, food, prescribed and illegal drugs, alcohol and even other people. There is a growing problem in drug and alcohol abuse amongst young people. Fortunately, it is a highly treatable condition

Our Twelve Step Treatment
Our twelve step treatment uses proven recovery treatments that have helped many people learn to deal with their addictions and avoid Relapse which is biggest concern. In a setting of security, comfort and serenity our patients learn how to live with their addiction. Our treatment is based on:

  • • Treating the person with dignity and respect.
  • • Breaking the isolation.
  • • Treating the whole person as well as the illness.
  • • Providing care and guidance in a safe and supportive environment.
  • • Following the Twelve Step philosophy from AA and NA.
  • • Extending dedicated quality professionals for the holistic therapy (mind, body and spirit) of substance dependency.
For a successful recovery it is important that the client’s makes lifestyle changes and those they regain their self-esteem. Our counsellors address underlying issues that are part of the addiction. By giving insight in addiction and the subsequent behaviour we can guide our clients to start making different and healthier life choices. After our treatment you will be ready to continue on the road of recovery. . We have helped many people recover by incorporating the 12-step philosophy of AA and NA .. Because we’re relocated in the centre of Bangalore, we integrate our clients in the 12-step self-help groups outside the facility such as AA and NA and utilize the large support network of the AA and NA groups. Our program includes weekly speaking visits by people in recovery to share their experience and success with our clients once they are settled at the centre.

Customized Therapy
Our approach to working with addiction is holistic and we never keep more than 15 patients .We believe that the solution lies in the healing of the mind, together with the body and spirit. Each patient is assigned an individual, primary therapist depending on the need. Then our multidisciplinary team works with the patient to develop a personal recovery plan. This plan provides the treatment structure and goals needed for their stay.
Because our philosophy is three-fold: mind, body and spirit, our program incorporates many therapies at one time. Here is a list of the various methods we incorporate:

  • Our treatment program is designed to help a person achieve the following:
  • • Establishing long/short term goals
  • • Engage in twelve step work & Learn how to live a clean and sober life / Learn how to enjoy yourself in sobriety
  • • Nutrition/fitness/healthy lifestyle and Make plans for a healthy and safe transition back into everyday life
  • • Group therapy /Individual therapy /Yoga/Recreation therapy/Exercise and meditation
  • • 12-step meetings (AA or NA) outside of our facilities per week

Aftercare Program

Miracle Foundation (Garuda Recovery) is committed to helping you, even after you leave our drug and alcohol rehab. You will also have the option to continue your new sobriety in our new, semi-supervised place As far as aftercare is concerned; you will set up an aftercare plan together with your counsellor during the last portion of your treatment. But, most important is that you participate, upon your return home your local 12-step meetings such as AA or NA. The list is provided by us with entire details near to your home at this will further allow you to strengthen your recovery and build a network of people in recovery around you.
While you are undergoing treatment at our facility, you will work directly with our counsellors to develop a personalized aftercare plan that is unique to your own situation and needs.

What To Bring
There are certain items that you should bring with you:

  • • All prescribed Medications in sufficient quantities for your stay.
  • • Contact information of Your Doctors and Medical Records.
  • • Under Garments, Night wears, and 3 set of outdoor clothes, Regular (summer) clothes, Toiletries ( without any alcohol in them), Mosquito repellents.
  • • One pair of slippers and shoes .

Our Places
We are located in Kothanur, which is parsley populated on the outskirts of Bangalore, yet in a quiet and serene neighbourhood. We are surrounded by large acres of open area, keeping in mind the importance of our client's focus on recovery. We provide a homely atmosphere, while maintaining an attitude of recovery. 'A beautiful residential setup, just like one's home away from home, is what we assure to our clients'.At Miracle Foundation, 'we believe that cleanliness is next to godliness and ones recovery should begin with positive vibrations'. We have a large outdoor area where we can conduct games and gardening activities.

  • The Facilities Provided are :
  • • Hot water 24 hrs a day
  • • Cable TV Audio/Video (wide collection)
  • • Indoor games (Carom, chess, board games)
  • • Courtyard for outdoor games