Miracle Foundation (Garuda Recovery) is a private chemical dependency treatment centre situated in Bangalore. Our beautiful facility is quiet and secluded offering you privacy and escape from life’s distractions enabling you to focus entirely on your recovery. While Bangalore offers all the amenities of a world-class city, it’s also brimming with ancient tradition, Luxurious accommodations in a luxurious and secluded setting await you in one of the world’s most auspicious and spiritual cities.
The program at Miracle is small and exclusive. We help only a small number of clients (15) at a time, offering an excellent staff-to-client ratio. Because of our size, we’re able to offer you a hand-tailored recovery program so you have the best possible chance to start building on your long lasting recovery.
Garuda provides complete, chemical dependency therapy for all teens and adults regardless of sex, ethnic background, sexual orientation or religion. We are a spiritually based program with respect and compassion for all. We treat the disease and recognise that our clients have a disease, not a moral deficiency. They are not bad or sad people rather they are sick people and can be cured like other disease.

Our Structure

The program is all about structure, and in order to get life back, patient have to develop structure in his life. All the structure and rules that are set up by the program, it isn't just so that they can give you a hard time, it is a tool that enables you to begin to develop structure and obedience in their life. These are but simple rules that one follows and they are the easiest to defy. When you break these simple rules they lead you to break the bigger ones. If you can obey these simple basics rules, then you are on your way to recovery.
There are some very basic and simple rules that are followed: No telephones allowed, and no using the phone on the outside at all. Patients are to go to Meetings and come back at centre, no deviating from the route. There is no doubt that you are here because you were losing your life and putting all the near and dear ones in deep problem. You had the chance to quit but you never did. So spend your some time in centre with acceptance and open mind set . It also help in increasing the client's capacity to live independently.

Our Advice

Use the program as a tool to get where you want in life. Programs can't change anybody, but a good program will give you all the necessary tools available in order to change your life. Run your own program by using the program as an outline. And all your chores and duties, if you are assigned, do it with heart and don't complain do it to the best to your ability. This will help you get on track once you begin your new life outside and make you independent in your career When you u start again your professional occupation, you don’t have to be dependent on any one or hire anyone for any type of job and thus can save the cost and maintain the qualities. And, pray. Be thankful that you have be given another chance. You are blessed to be here.

If you live as per the structure ,there would be no chance of relapse and if you are unable to follow the structure guidelines then it is your indicator of losing the grip over addiction.

Our Places
We are located in Kothanur, which is parsley populated on the outskirts of Bangalore, yet in a quiet and serene neighbourhood. We are surrounded by large acres of open area, keeping in mind the importance of our client's focus on recovery. We provide a homely atmosphere, while maintaining an attitude of recovery. 'A beautiful residential setup, just like one's home away from home, is what we assure to our clients'.At Miracle Foundation, 'we believe that cleanliness is next to godliness and ones recovery should begin with positive vibrations'. We have a large outdoor area where we can conduct games and gardening activities.

  • The Facilities Provided are :
  • • Hot water 24 hrs a day
  • • Cable TV Audio/Video (wide collection)
  • • Indoor games (Carom, chess, board games)
  • • Courtyard for outdoor games

Customized Therapy
Our approach to working with addiction is holistic and we never keep more than 15 patients .We believe that the solution lies in the healing of the mind, together with the body and spirit. Each patient is assigned an individual, primary therapist depending on the need. Then our multidisciplinary team works with the patient to develop a personal recovery plan. This plan provides the treatment structure and goals needed for their stay.
Because our philosophy is three-fold: mind, body and spirit, our program incorporates many therapies at one time. Here is a list of the various methods we incorporate:

  • Our treatment program is designed to help a person achieve the following:
  • • Establishing long/short term goals
  • • Engage in twelve step work & Learn how to live a clean and sober life / Learn how to enjoy yourself in sobriety
  • • Nutrition/fitness/healthy lifestyle and Make plans for a healthy and safe transition back into everyday life
  • • Group therapy /Individual therapy /Yoga/Recreation therapy/Exercise and meditation
  • • 12-step meetings (AA or NA) outside of our facilities per week